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400.000 Coins for 30 Million Euros at the World’s Biggest Coin Shop

Proofed coin dealers looking for new customers present roughly 400.000 coins, medals, banknotes and related objects with a total price of nearly 30 million Euros at MA-Shops

500 to 5.000 new offers are added every day. No wonder that www.ma-shops.com has become the biggest Internet platform for coin collectors and dealers. The main reason for this: founder Joachim Schwiening considers close cooperation with specialized coin dealers as a first essential of paramount importance.

MA-Shops lives on transparency and the good reputation of ‘its’ coin dealers. It is always obvious who makes an offer. All dealers who want to present their offers have to be given references by other MA dealers before being allowed to offer their coins at www.ma-shops.com. Their expertise prevents customers from bad bargains due to wrong descriptions. This is the reason why coins at literally EVERY price are offered and bought at MA-Shops. After all, the customer knows, who is the seller and what guarantee he gives.

Since more than four years dealers from all over the world satisfy numismatic customer’s wishes at MA-Shops st, 2005 at 11:14 p.m. that Manfred Olding – member of IAPN and VddM for many years – sold the very first coin at MA-Shops. Since then, trade at the website continues at one-minute intervals.

Dealers and collectors appreciate the easy use of the website. More and more well-known auction houses and specialized dealers offer their coins at MA-Shops. Newcomers are well-known dealers, Dr. Busso Peus Nachf., the oldest numismatic enterprise of Germany still in existence, and the British company coininvestdirect.com specialized in bullion.

MA-Shops has an entire team of software engineers taking care of the website and its improvement. Founder Joachim Schwiening visits coin fairs to get in contact with users from Germany and abroad to exchange views on how to make his website even better.

MA-Shops has become a virtual coin fair of international importance which brings together dealers and customers from all over the world. More than 50% of the lots sold went to buyers from abroad – last weeks alone they came from 29 countries. The global financial crisis does not have repercussions here.

Hence, www.ma-shops.com has become a substantial part of the international coin trade which no collector should miss.

If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

MA-Shops GmbH,

Lankerner Str. 42,

46395 Bocholt,

phone: ++49 / 2871 / 2393 415.

Mail: info@ma-shops.com

CEO :Joachim Schwiening




Ancient: http://www.ma-shops.com/antike/

Gold: http://www.ma-shops.com/gold/

German Taler Coins: http://www.ma-shops.com/altdeutschland/