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Uruguay 5000 Nuevo Pesos 1981 Staudamm mit Kraftwerk Gold 5000 N Pesoso Gold Gold proof w capsule

Vendedor: Münzen am Zoo Berlin - Thomas Pollandt
Precio: 1009,32 EUR

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Condition: proof w capsule | Delivery time: 5 - 8 workdays
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5000 N Pesoso Gold Gold
Calidad: proof w capsule | Abréviation
Material: Gold
la pesa: 20.00 g
Fineness: 900 ‰ (18.00 g fine)
Diameter: 33.00 mm
Edición: 3 000

Angebote in meinem Shop, über 6000 Münzen und Geldscheine: Goldmünzen, Silbermünzen, Anlagegold, Platin, Palladium, Niob, Panda, Gold und Silber, Krügerrand, Silver Eagle, Kookaburra, China, Yuan, Rußland, Olympische Spiele, Seefahrt, Schiffsmotive, Eisenbahn, Banknoten, Geldscheine, Sammlungen, Lots, Sonderangebote, Barren, USA, 20 Dollars, St. Gaudens, Liberty, Taler, Rubel, Euro Münzen,
 Uruguay 5000 Nuevo Pesos 1981 Staudamm mit Kraftwerk Gold 5000 N Pesoso Gold Gold   proof w capsule


Coin quality transfer list USA to Germany
below=                               sge or sehr gut erhalten usually allmost not considered to be collection worthy.
g 8-VG 10 =                       schön or  s (fine )
F 12- VF 20=                     fast sehr schön (allmost very fine)
VF 30 - xf 40 =                   sehr schön or ss (very fine)
XF 45            =                   sehr schön + or ss+ (very fine +)
Au 50 -53     =                    fast vorzüglich, f. vz (allmost extremely fine)
AU 55- MS 58 =                 vz or "vorzüglich"     ( extremely fine)
Unc-MS 61 =                      vz+ or "vorzüglich +" these coins are usualy considered to be circulated in the German gradig system
MS 62-MS 63 =                  "prägefrisch" or prf. ( german AU up to unc.).  Here start the uncirculated coin qualities in Germany
MS 64 and up =                  fast Stempelglanz up to Stempelglanz ( German: stgl. or unc.) this mostly includes prooflike and Gem BU coins.
Based on comparison to USA "Morgan Dollar" grades.

In Germany the edge of the coin is the first point to look at. Edgenicks bump a coin down minimum one grade in value.
Dipping must not be mentioned due to the German grading rules. Hairlines from wiping ( Berieben ) and edenicks ( Randfehler ) must be mentioned also mounting marks and filing marks at the edge and other grave damages.
Germany doesn´t have any not US based third part grading services.
There are no technical grades in Germany like "Details" and  also no designations like "full band" "full steps" etc !
The color of copper and bronze coins must not be mentioned, no red, rb or brown !
Split grades are regular in Germany. Av and Rev. of the coin count equal.
Proof has only three grades in Germany.

Pf 67-70 =                           Polierte Platte  or in German "Spiegelglanz" No lines, not impaired. This includes "deep cameo and cameo"The minting quality of the coin counts little.
PF 66 -65                            PP- or "Polierte Platte minus" or if only minimal impaired "Erstabschlag",  early strike.
Below =                               vz aus PP, vorzüglich aus Polierter Platte.
PL = prooflike                      not proof but mirror like this includes PL and DMPL.

New: If you want we send you a MA-Shops COA in German language with your coin, please tell us if you want one during the MA-order process

Frequently Asked Questions:

Due to organisation and  handling purposes we ship the coins listed in my MA-Shop only if they are bought via the MA-System, please don´t ask Thank you for your understanding. It speeds up the shipping and handlingprocess enormous.
We accept Paypal.up to 2000 Euros outside Germany per shipment and purchase only, No Credit Card Purchases possible !

MA offers a paypal payment option, it will be displayed during the buying process. Please use this option for your payment if you want to pay via paypal. The paypal costs will be automatically added by the MA system.
We charge, inside the Euro Zone 2 %, outside and world 3.5 % up to 4 %  of the total incl. shipping costs for paypal transaction costs. Please use the payment forms provided by MA-Shops. If  you have problems with the MA shops Paypal payment form please ask for help and guidance at MA-Shops customer service: Kundenservice@ma-shops-com
We reserve the right to reject paypal payments fron some countries.
Paypal limit and max shipping amount for one shipment 2500 Euros. Above only bank transfer ! Please ask for a higher paypal limit, give reverences please.
If you pay via paypal we ship only to the adress registered at paypal, no exeptions possible, see paypal TOS about this subject

2. Payment via bank transfer
Inside the Euro zone you can use the IBAN B
IC System. It is cheap and secure.
Outside the Euro system you can use paypal ( + 3,5 % )
or bank transfer if you pay the complete banking costs. Please ask your Bank about the complete transaction costs incl. the costs for my Bank ! Usually Paypal is cheaper if you are outside the Euro zone.
No shipment without complete payment incl. all banking costs.

No credit card payment possible

We ship only via DHL ( German postal service ). All shipments are trackable. US Customers can use the US Postal Service tracking service to receive a US relabeled tracking code.
We do not ship to post boxes ( no tracking possible ).
Non EU customers please ask for insured shipping possibilities and conditions for your country.
We ship as soon as possible after receiving the complete payment.
No COD possible outside Germany, sorry
If you pay via Paypal after friday 11 AM we ship your items the following monday.
Please regard that the  custom or security regulations of your home country
may delay the shipment. ( USA )

3a. Insurance for non EU countries:

Insured shipping is not possible to several countries outside EU, Singapore ! etc. . 

Insurance only possible via DHL Packet 38 Euros includes insurance for articles up to 499,99 Euros and private coverage ( Allianz Insurance ) up to 2500 Euros for each parcel max. Insured shipping to Russia, China, USA and all former USSR states only with DHL Packet, no insurance for registered Mail for these countries. Please combine orders for your convenience up to 2499 Euros value.

Registered shipping includes a tracking possibility but no insurance. Insured shipping is not possible via registered mail. Insured shipping below 500 Euros is only possible with registered mail return card, 12 euros. If you choose registered shipping only the shipment is at your own risk. no liability for loss,damage or theft. Only Tracking is possible.  Please ask for insurance possibilities for your country. We will only charge our self costs if possible.

4. * close to condition description:
* close to the condition description means that the coin is not cleaned or doctored.
The coin may be toned or patinated, maybe touched, this is no damage.
Toning is no coin damage, it must not be mentioned as well as dipped coins due to German description and grading regulations.
We try to mention patina and toning as possible.

4 a German Grading and descriptions

We grade after German standards.

In Germany dipping of coins is not mentioned in the coin descriptions. Dipping is not considered to be a damage due to German grading rules. This is a german based platform, most dealers here are from Germany, we do our work to german standards. If you have a question please ask before buying. We try to answer in english if possible

5. Pictures:
All pictures for coins minted before 1945 are part of the product description and show the coin we offer. Pictures marked " Archivbild " are only type pictures. Also some modern Euro coins ma be only type pictures. If there is a problem or a difference between the description and the picture please ask before buying. There is allways the possibillity of an error.
The pictures are usually 400 DPI scans. Coins may appear bigger than they are in reality.

6. Coin conditions, packaging and accessories:
We describe the coins in German language and use the german grading standards. There is a correspondence table provided by MA-shops.
Condition standards  may be a little bit divergent in different countries ( US Grading ! )
We try to describe the packaging of the coins as exact as possible. please see the picture, it usually shows the coin and the accessories of the coin offer, or ask.
We try to mention Boxes COA´s or boxes as possible.

7. Proof / Spiegelglanz:
German coins minted after 1967 listed as "Spiegelglanz" are proof coins. It is a little difference in the minting process, but all over the world and at Krause Mishler exept in Germany these coins would be listed as proof.

8. Errors:
We reserve the right of prior sale, we and MA- shops take out sold coins but there is always the possibility of an error or of double listing or technical mistake.

9: Contact:
Please use the MA contact form to send us your message or questions.

10. Feedback:
If you give your feedback please be fair.
We reserve the right to appeal and demand erasion of feedbacks we pr esume unfair, false, agressive, malevolent or insulting.

11. Not Payment

Not payment without any comment or contact from the buyers side will result in an exclusion from this shop and for higher sums in general exclusion from MA-Shops at all ! If somebody is excluded for non payment we will also file a warning about unreliable customers to the German coindealers associations.  Please contact us about the circumstances of your not fullfillment of your obligations to avoid these consequences.


Questions about me, seriosity etc... ? Please don´t hesitate to ask:

More than 17000 transactions on  MA-Shops till today !

Shipping fees
Country up to 300,00 EUR
over 500 g
300,00 EUR to 499,00 EUR
over 499,00 EUR
Germany 4,20 EUR Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping
European Union, other countries 7,50 EUR n/a 7,50 EUR 18,00 EUR
World, other countries 8,50 EUR n/a 8,50 EUR 38,00 EUR
Cash on delivery fee : 5,00 EUR plus 2 EUR delivery fee
ID: 19034
Todos los precios inclusive. MwSt. zzgl. Costos por envío

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